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Product overview
JavaDocPlus is a documentation web application that will make your online Java API Reference better. JavaDocPlus enhances your API documentation web pages with search capabilities and let the community of your users to improve the content by posting comments.

Search through the documentation
Searching is a must-have feature of any useful documentation. JavaDocPlus provides a simple and powerful search capability. All classes and methods are indexed in a database and can be searched through efficiently.
Create a community
Let your users help each other! Every JavaDocPlus page can be commented by the developers community to add useful content. The community comments can also be reedited, like a wiki, and voted up/down so that relevant content is available first.

JavaDocPlus also collects access statistics for every class/method page so that the most accessed pages are listed first in search results and the overview page. Simply by using your online documentation, your users will improve it.
Lower the support cost
By improving the documentation, your users will find quickly the information they're looking for without the need to contact your support or development staff.

The QA, testers and other members of your team can also quickly add documentation comments directly online without modifying the source code and rebuilding the documentation.
Easy installation
To fulfill any server requirements, JavaDocPlus is available in two editions. It can be deployed on a PHP web server or as a J2EE application on a Java Application Server. Installation and configuration takes a few minutes on most web hosting plans.
Integration with your web site
Usually additional documentation to the JavaDoc API Reference is available on your web site. By allowing the JavaDoc to be integrated to your existing web site, you'll make it easier for your users to navigate between the API documentation and other information.

The design and style of JavaDocPlus pages can be easily defined through CSS to match your brand and your existing web site. JavaDocPlus uses a frameless one-page design that fits any web page layout.