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Interface FoldersCollection

Implemented Interfaces:

public interface FoldersCollection implements ExchangeCollection

A collection of Exchange folders.

The collection allows to get, iterate over and add new folders.

This class implements the Iterable interface allowing it to be a target of the foreach statement.


add (FolderContentType folderType, String folderName)
Adds a new folder to this collection. The created folder is returned.
get (String folderPath)
Returns a folder from this collection for the specified name or path. Accepted path separators are '\' or '/'. Example code: Exchange exchange = new Exchange("hostname", "username", "password"); ExchangeFolder folder = exchange.getTopFolder().   getFolders().get("Contacts/ ... more >
iterator ()
Returns an iterator over the folders contained in this collection. The iterator contains ExchangeFolder objects. This method never returns null; an empty iterator is returned if this collection is empty.

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