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Java Outlook Connector
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Product overview
Java Outlook Connector is an effective solution to access data stored in the Microsoft Outlook application from Java. Outlook items like e-mails, contacts and appointments can be accessed, created, imported or exported with the library.

The library is intuitive and easy to use. All the underlying complex technologies (JNI, COM, OOM, MAPI) are hidden to the Java developer.

Manage Outlook emails & attachments
Enable your Java application to access Outlook's e-mail messages, export attachments and send, forward or reply to e-mails programmatically.

Moreover, your application can open new Outlook mail windows with some fields pre-populated, including the message's subject, body and recipients.
Interact with the contacts & address book
Export or synchronize Outlook contacts and address book entries with your Java software. Easily access and create contacts folders and distribution lists.
Organize the calendar & appointments
Access the Outlook calendar and appointments from Java, add new appointments or create meetings. Recurring appointments and recurrence exceptions are also supported.

Moreover, your Java software can send meeting appointments through e-mail and read received meeting requests from other users.
And much more...
Outlook capabilities are available through our Java API. For example, set reminders, load PST files or write MSG files programmatically.

See the list of all supported features >


Java 1.4 or higher

Outlook versions 2000, 2002, 2003, XP, 2007, 2010 or 2013 (Office 365)

Windows NT, 2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8 in both 32-bits or 64-bits.

Demo application
A demo application is available to show some of the Java Outlook Connector's features. This application displays contacts stored in your Outlook folders and enables you to view or edit them.

Launch the demo application: